Series 350, 500, 700, 850 and 1050

Series 350, 500, 700, 850 and 1050 are essentially the same skylight systems with interchangeable rafter sections. The rafters are 3-½” on the 350, 5” on the 500, and 7” on the 700. The rafters on the 850 are 8-½” and on the 1050 10-½.”

The interchangeable rafters allow for efficient use of frames for increasingly longer spans. The various mullions, perimeters, headers, etc, are used as appropriate in each condition.

Our engineers will assist in selecting the correct rafter and spacing for the job, taking into consideration such variables as loading and codes for the specifications and job site locations.

We have, on numerous occasions, bent the 350 rafter for glazing with bent glass. The photos above demonstrate a pair of 10′ wide x 225′ long barrel vault skylights installed in the new Orlando Airport, North Terminal Expansion. They are aluminum framed skylights using our Series 350 frame which was custom bent for this job. The finish is clear anodized and the custom bent glass is clear 9/16″ Lami with a ceramic frit pattern furnished by Dlubak Corp. Custom Skylight Photos courtesy of PCL Construction.

Skin System

Our Skin System is a great solution for customers that would like to add glass panels or a skylight to an existing structural framework.

This product has most of the features of our 350/500/700/850/1050 series except the main rafter is not structural (it needs to be supported by the existing structural framework – most often steel or wood).

Since structural load calculations may not need to be done this can provide a very cost effective solution to adding a skylight to your project. This product seamlessly integrates into new or existing projects and can be a real asset to changes made late in the construction schedule.

The photos above feature the curved frame Series 500, glazed with bent 9/16″ HS Lami. It is supported on two sides against the walls, and at the columns which support the Walkway Cover Canopy. The Walkway Canopy is our Skin System applied to the existing support beams.

Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, FL


The S50 is a glazing system designed by Gammans for large spanning projects with extremely heavy loads.

Walkable Skylights

The design is ever-evolving, and even more custom than a common skylight! Together, these details show our approach to walkable skylights — using structural angles and tubes to support various glazing configurations and to ensure flush mounting with the surrounding flooring. The frames are sent fully assembled and welded and meant to be installed on an opening and then have the flooring laid around them.

Custom Skylight Designs

Westin Peachtree Tower

This monumental landmark skylight was completely renovated using a Gammans Series 350 skylight framing system and GSS 518 mullions. Our system was selected for it’s flexibility of design, and performance. The re-glaze was done with a 9/16″ thick HS Lami. About 2 years following this renovation Atlanta, and this hotel suffered terrific damages from a tornado. Consulting engineers were called in to assess the damages; they were amazed at how well the skylight portion of the building had performed! Although 70 floors of curtain wall glass rained down on the skylight and cracked almost all of the skylight glass, nothing penetrated the PVB Inner-layer of the safety glass or damaged the internal framing. New caps and covers were furnished by GSS for the remedial work. In addition, Gammans was selected to provide design engineering and custom extrusions to rebuild the 10th floor swimming pool barrel vault skylight which had lost most of it’s original glazing. This unique skylight is operable over the pool.

Man in the Moon 

 The “Man in the Moon” was developed to be a functioning weather vane and stunning custom skylight. The skylight portion is an oculus that sits at the peak of a conical slate roof and self flashes. Due to construction conditions, it was required to be installed by crane and attached from the inside. A weather proof venting system was incorporated into the flashing flange.

 The moon sculpture is comprised of an aluminum face featuring 3-D gold anodized eyes and lips. Permanently sealed bearings and stainless steel shafts allow this work of art to pivot facing with the breeze. Gammans Skylight Systems is pleased to have been selected as the skylight manufacturer of this truly unique custom skylight.

Sciport Sundia

This custom built sundial skylight is installed at the Shreveport Science Museum (SciPort). The framing is a combination of Lite-Rail and a tapered steel sub-frame to support the center hub. The center hub was also designed and built by Gammans. The Gnomon is designed to be adjustable for proper alignment with the North Star and casts its shadow around the 180 degree arc of white translucent glass. Numbers have been set inside along the short vertical wall of the skylight curb that match the time of day to the sweep of the shadow. Architect: Alliance AE.

We create custom skylight systems for any project. Contact us for additional information.


Our two standard options are clear anodized or 2-coat non-exotic, non-metallic, fluoropolymer finish. However, custom is standard at Gammans so we provide many other finishes.

Bone White
Stone White
Birch White
Sierra White
Polar White
Portland Stone
Light Stone
Quaker Gray
Desert Rose
Stone Gray
Indy Green
Burnt Almond
Sahara Tan
Teal Patina
Regal Red
Legacy Blue
Cocoa Brown
Aged Copper
Coronado Red
Aegean Blue
Patrician Bronze
Patina Green
Colonial Red
Regal Blue
Dark Bronze
Ebony Black

Fluropon Classic II

Fluropon Classic II
Color 1
Fluropon Classic II
Color 2
Fluropon Classic II
Color 3
Westin Peachtree barrel vault

Gammans Tru-Arc

The Tru-Arc System was designed primarily to allow flat glass to be installed onto a curved rafter frame. By bending the frame the sightline is a graceful arc rather than a series of segmented frames.

 Gammans Series 400 & 800 Tru-Arc Barrel Vault framing systems provide a true curved sightline rather than a segmented vault. Tru-Arc Skylights utilize an innovative hybrid system that combines the visual aesthetics and structural integrity of a true radius frame with the cost effectiveness and quality of flat glass.

 No splices in the direction of the slope mean an un-penetrated, un-jointed guttering system for positive control of condensation and weepage. In order to keep the smooth graceful arcs of curved frames, architects have been forced to choose between budget-breaking custom bent glass or inferior plastic glazing with higher maintenance and only a 7-12 year lifespan.

 This system provides a smooth, joint-free sightline with a unique method of integrated internal clip connections with no visible screws or brackets. This system also includes shorter fabrication time, shorter lead time, and a wide variety of glazing options which are available with flat glass.

 The 400 rafter is 4” deep, and the 800 is 8” deep, thus allowing it to meet much greater spans and loading conditions. We have also created an adapter system for these frames to be glazed in curved or bent glass as well as large straight spans without bending.

 Tru-Arc has been Hurricane Tested, which includes air, water, structural, and impact resistance using insulated glass.

Now, architects that want to add a curved barrel vault skylight do not have to sacrifice options, quality, or budget!