Gammans Skylight Systems has designed, fabricated and installed skylights across the U.S. and around the world since 1973. Here at Gammans Skylight Systems, we embrace any challenge and aim to offer a solution that exceeds the original architectural vision because we believe custom is standard.

Who We Are

Many of our custom projects arise from unique architectural and aesthetic design requirements that lie outside the standard parameters of typical skylights. We have worked with thousands of architects in customized frames and extrusions for specific job requirements. The large array of projects we’ve completed offers a wealth of experience and an extensive library of completed custom designs for inspiration.

A wide variety of our skylight products and configurations have been subjected to the Hurricane Rating and Bomb Blast Resistant Test. Our skylights held up to Hurricanes Luis and Lenny — both extreme hurricanes with winds in excess of 225 miles per hour, ultimately proving our creations are strong even in the toughest of circumstantial conditions. Besides tests, our durability shows with over 40 years of successful installation projects.

“OUR EDGE” is a combination of our superior products skillfully brought together for you by the talented and dedicated people here at Gammans Skylight Systems.

Value Engineering

Gammans Skylight Systems is dedicated to value engineering. Our systematic approach to the design process achieves the highest value in the most cost-effective way without detracting from the skylight structure’s original purpose.

With custom digital design and project tracking programs developed specifically for Gammans Skylight Systems’ products, we have an unparalleled ability to provide rapid, uniform and consistent quoting and customer service capabilities from start to finish of any project.


Each project begins in our factory equipped with an array of high-end machinery outshining other fabricators because we work with higher tolerances than other manufacturers. Precision has been our key to success in our high-speed close tolerance machine shop and with our close tolerance structural steel work. 

With our single source of skylight components, including structural tublar steel sub-frames, 3 automated saw lines and several custom built lines, Gammans Skylight Systems is the one-stop shop for custom skylights to fit any project.

We provide: 

  • Water jet or plasma cutting up to 72” X 144” sheet
  • Unlimited length Mig and Tig welding of steel, aluminum, stainless etc.
  • Custom finishing, anodizing, powder-coating with AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605 Flouropolymers or Liquid Kynars
  • Pack & Ship department to design secure packaging solutions

Our Expertise

  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls and Markets
  • Amusement Parks
  • Hotels
  • Government Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Museums

Gammans Skylight Systems has partnered with Jockimo in creating beautiful walkable skylights.

FastTrak Program

On a tight schedule? Choose FasTrak Priority Service to help meet your deadline. FasTrak is a specialty service that provides a commitment to accommodating customers with quickly approaching deadlines. We’ll assign a dedicated production team to assist throughout the design process keeping your delivery specification in mind.


Gammans Skylight Systems utilizes a broad network of highly-skilled skylight installers.

Our Installations


``Mr. Gammans took the original intent of the construction documents, and through critical thinking, he was essential in re-evaluating the design materials and anchoring systems to bring this project within budget. The quality of his work is outstanding and no other contracting firm in the city would take on the project. The outcome is an amazing, one-of-a-kind work of art and engineering. We would be honored to work with Gammans Skylight Systems on any project.``- Keith E. Howington, Greenline Architecture
“We received our Notice To Proceed in November and Gammans was able to produce and deliver all of the framing for two 28’ X 85’ custom skylights before Christmas, thanks to their “FasTrak” program. This was a successful and beautiful job for everyone involved and has already passed the tests of hurricanes Charley, Francis, and Jean, which did major damage to the Orlando area.”- Tom Stickrod, Project Manager, Hensel Phelps
“We greatly appreciate the efforts and ideas you have brought to our CDC project. With your assistance we have achieved the unique aesthetic we desired, while working within our budget constraints.”- Ed Milam, Heery Architects, Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, GA
“We have worked with Gammans on numerous completed projects including a two thousand sq. ft. glass roof at “The Atrium” apartment complex. Due to the height and exposure, considerable work was necessary here in combating hurricane forces and withstanding potential impacts as well as seismic loading. Mr. Gammans is of great help during the design stages of a project, always willing to spend time on the detailing. Our clients have always shown great satisfaction with his work, and we are sure that his services will be required regularly here in the Islands.”- David Morrison, David Morrison Associates N.V.
“Recognizing that we relied heavily on you to make this canopy “work,” we just wanted to thank you and your staff in working with us to develop and fine-tune the detailing for this installation. We appreciate your efforts and we are pleased with the end product that has been installed. We look forward to working with you and the Gammans team in the future.”- Gin Ma, Project Manager, Gensler Architects Southern Insurance Underwriters, Alpharetta, GA
``Gammans was awarded a large skylight contract at the Aruba Radisson based upon their reputation for quality workmanship and ability to perform quickly. Their installers were well equipped and very professional. Gammans ability to work overseas and maintain a schedule is remarkable.``- Toby Brief, Project Manager, Hyperion Construction, Hilton Aruba, formerly Radisson Aruba